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Enjoy The Sun At Cali’s Beach

YorFit – Long Beach is a huge part of Los Angeles County and lends plenty of that incredible Southern California weather to play in. If you desire to visit Los Angeles city itself, drive twenty miles up north and you’ll be there. Public Transit is prevalent and on time as Long Beach is ranked in the top ten for public transit in our country. Extremely fun and easy to get around, Long Beach is a great place to take the family or enjoy a work and leisure trip and get a tan.

Shoreline Bike Path

Biking is a great way to see what’s going on in town while getting a little exercise. Locals and visitors alike find this well marked and maintained path to be among the best anywhere. There are plenty of places nearby to rent if you are not local. The bike path offers a great chance to get into the more crowded shoreline areas without the parking problems. A see it to believe it excursion, you’ll have to take my word for it and trust that this will be a different and worthwhile experience even if you don’t idolize Lance Armstrong.

Aquarium of the Pacific

What a place. This aquarium is going to take you half of the day to see. Over fifty exhibits including a shark lagoon, 350,000 gallon tropical tank gallery, 3,200 sq. ft. outdoor aviary, and more will insure your money is well spent. Open 9:00-6:00 every day except Christmas and the Grand Prix in mid April. Truly right for all ages, the Aquarium offers events and education for kids, adults, and seniors. The price is steep (around $40.00.) But, when you consider all of the good your money does for conserving the habitat of these animals, it is money well spent.

Shoreline Village

After you’ve visited the aquarium, you might like to hop over to Shoreline Village less than a half mile away. The village is great for having a beer and a bite under the warm California sun as there are plenty of food options vying for your business. Excellent for people watching, the shops at the marina are fun and quirky. Cast your cares away and enjoy kicking back Cali style.

Long Beach Waterfront

Do you miss that beach feeling back home? Well, not after a trip to the waterfront. A boardwalk is well patrolled and full of good times for its land locked visitors. Coastline is going to be the key word when visiting Long Beach. It truly is the town’s greatest asset. A great view of the ocean as well as the famous Queen Mary might make you daydream about up and moving to town. Food and fun as well as boat rides and charters are abundant if that’s your style. Go and enjoy some cool salty air. It’s good for the soul.

Pine Avenue

Here’s a great place to go if you’re stomach is growling, they say variety is the spice of life. With all of the different regional foods, you’ll be sure to feel spicy as you make your way down the avenue. The variety and quality of food with plenty of outdoor dining is nice and perfect for soaking up some rays while enjoying some lunch. Shop during the day and party at night at this trendy and lively part of town. Also near Shoreline Village, you’ll find it really easy to get around. The city life meets beach life is a nice reward for making your trip to Long Beach.

Long Beach Museum of Art

A little ways away from the marina you’ll be sure to get a little break from the groves of people at this quaint and interesting museum perfectly placed on a bluff overlooking the Pacific. Not an overly expensive museum, you’ll find the admission of around $7.00 to be a fair price for the revolving collection. The museum also offers beautiful gardens to enjoy. The view of the Pacific however, is priceless on the right day. Parking is free and so is admission on Friday. Only open Thursday-Saturday so plan your trip accordingly. The museum closes kind of early (3 p.m.) but really doesn’t take a long time to take in. The museum is a great and inexpensive place for a pit stop away from the crowds for all ages.

Bixby Park

A great place to visit on the way back to the waterfront entertainment is Bixby Park. Bixby Park is full of things to see and great for relaxing by the beach. The park is best enjoyed during the day for a couple of reasons. One being that the picnicking and wandering down to the beach are best experienced during daylight, another reason being that this park like many others gets interesting and a little seedy at night. In a town packed full of homes, businesses, and tourist attractions Bixby Park has great places to see blades of grass and birds instead of concrete and neon.

Boat Ride to Catalina/Avalon

The most notable way to get to this off shore treasure is by way of the Catalina Express. For about $70.00 you can get a round trip ticket to the island and really get in on an island adventure. The trip from Long Beach is about forty minutes each way and takes you to the famous destination with style and grace. The location of over 200 Hollywood movies, Catalina is part of the sub conscious of most Americans whether they know it or not. That said, the island has to be seen up close and personal to really grasp the beauty and splendor. The activities available range from water activities such as parasailing and snorkeling to land adventures such as zip lines and ghost tours. Helicopter tours are even available to the guests who desire a bird’s eye view. Being that the island is nearly devoid of cars, you can enjoy a bike ride, walk or golf cart to get around this strikingly gorgeous island without the gas fumes or honking of the city. Long Beach is the perfect spot to hop over to this unique and charming little island chock full of adventure.

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