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Make Your Own Face Cream Powder

YorFit – Looking For The Best Anti Wrinkle Face Cream? Your Search Ends Here

Think about this, if the best anti wrinkle face cream worked as well as it says it does, there would be nobody on this planet, men included, walking around with one single wrinkle on their face! Conclusion: this so-called ‘best’ anti wrinkle cream is probably not the best, it’s just another anti aging cream.

Every woman has her favorite creams, lotions and makeup, and as she gets older it’s unlikely she will change brands readily. Why? Because over her lifetime a woman will have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the product that suits her skin type and she is not willing to go down that long and expensive road of research again. When asked what she uses, she will probably say “XYZ brand – it’s the best I can find for my skin”. At some point she will have said “I’m done, no more trying, I’ll stick with this brand.”

Now let’s consider baking for a minute. You are going to make a cake. You use fresh eggs, fresh milk, fresh good quality flour and the freshest, best tasting products to make a wholesome and delicious cake. How many people go out and buy preserved powdered eggs, dried powdered milk and low quality ingredients containing chemicals, preservatives and flavor enhancers? Not you, you want to eat the best ingredients don’t you?

So why the blazes do we continue to use cosmetics, creams, lotions and potions that are chock full of chemicals, toxins and carcinogens? Take a look at the ingredients on the bottle! You can’t even pronounce some of them, never mind know what they are! And the fact is that you are ‘eating’ these, you ingest this stuff through your skin. Your skin absorbs all the stuff that you rub on your body and these chemicals end up getting into your bloodstream and some, such as deadly parabens, end up being stored in your body and have been known to cause cancer! The best anti wrinkle face cream – they are not!

So what if I told you that there is a range of products on the market today that contain none of those nasty chemicals, and just like your delicious, freshly baked cake, only contain the finest, freshest, natural ingredients?

Avocado, honey, and Japanese sea kelp, are only a few of the ingredients they use – things you recognize that don’t build up in your internal organs to cause damage later. They also use natural Vitamin E and grape seed oil, which are proven to help reduce the signs of aging and have properties similar to constituents of the human skin.

So if you want the best anti wrinkle face cream, use one that contains only the best ingredients – after all, if it’s safe to eat, it’s safe for your skin and that has to be the only meaning of ‘the best’ in my book.

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