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My Daily Makeup Routine

YorFit – After sharing my nighttime routine with y’all a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be fun to share a look at my daily makeup routine. While my routine is typically very simplistic and far from full coverage it is filled with products I love that work well with my skin. I am always open to recommendations and would love to know which makeup products you swear by that should definitely be added to my collection!

1. I always start by moisturizing my entire face and have been using this Cetaphil moisturizer for a while now for exactly this purpose. I also find it useful to put some directly on my eye lids as well since they have a tendency to get pretty dry.

2. This step is definitely optional since I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday but when I do this Dior eyeshadow is my go to. It has a pretty tint and a nice amount of shimmer to make it look like I actually attempted to do something with eye shadow when in reality I just swept a little of this directly on!

3. I like using a combination of mascaras and lately these two have been my favorites. I start by curling my eye lashes and then sweep a coat of Loreal mascara on followed by a bit of Physicians Formula. Nothing too fancy but I find that the two compliment each other well.

4. Next up is moisturizer/bb cream/foundation. Clearly I don’t know exactly what to consider this. I tend to lean to a lighter coverage tinted moisturizer or bb cream since there is less room for error and these two have been my favorites. Tarte is a little bit better coverage but I keep both around since I use them relatively interchangeably.

5. I have used Bareminerals powder since starting to use makeup in middle school. I use a smaller brush when applying to more specified areas that I am aiming to cover and then a fluffy brush to sweep some all over my face.

6. I used to be afraid of bronzer but after trying this bronzer in a sample form over a year ago I’ve been hooked. It doesn’t make your face look dirty or muddy and instead provides just the right amount of shimmer and color to make my skin look a little more naturally tanned.

7. Lastly I finish up with a bit of blush. Sometimes I’ll use these two together but more frequently I’ll choose one to wear. Both of these provide the perfect amount of color to make your cheeks look a little bit flushed without over doing it!

And there you have it, my everyday makeup routine! Leave any product suggestions that you may have for me in the comments and I’ll look forward to testing them out!

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