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My Going Out Make Up Routines

YorFit – It is very easy to say that you are too busy to find time for exercise. All said and done, if you use this as an excuse for very long and choose to stay sedentary, you can land up in a mess, with lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and what not. The only way out of this is to modify your routine into a form of exercise. After all, your body does not know whether you are doing sit-ups in the gym or are squatting to pick up stuff in your kitchen.

Just let your imagination go wild and devise some amazing ways of burning calories at home or in your workplace, without having to specifically do any typical, predefined, or bookish exercises. This will, in fact, ensure better compliance from your side, will save your time and money, and will also give you the immense joy of being in control of your life and health. Here are a few simple ways to make your routine an exercise.

First and foremost, if your office or some place that you need to visit is not too far from your home, walk it up or cycle all the way there. If you need to travel in a vehicle, it would make sense to deliberately park it at a distance, from where you can walk down to your destination. If you catch a bus to go to your office or the market, get off one stop earlier and then walk to get there. Irrespective of where you are, avoid using the elevator. Climb stairs instead. This will strengthen your leg muscles.

Take regular two-minute breaks at your workplace and just walk around your office or its corridors. This not only exercises your body, but also gives rest to your mind and eyes so that you can return to your desk recharged. Don’t call for food during your lunch-break. Walk out and buy it yourself instead. Never sit still even at work. Keep changing your posture. There is nothing to feel shy about if you sit cross-legged on your seat at times. If you are speaking to someone using your landline phone, you can always stand up and do so; whereas, if you’re using your mobile, you can walk as you converse.

Preferably sit on the floor when at home. This will force you to get up every time you need to do something. Avoid using the remote controller for your television, sound system, or air-conditioner. Make it a point to change the settings of these appliances manually. Keep things that you need regularly at a height on a shelf so that you need to stretch whenever you require these items. Play outdoor games with your near and dear ones rather than indoor games. Similarly, if you have to choose between going for a picnic and watching a movie in the theatre, always pick the former as it certainly involves more physical activity.

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