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Step By Step Natural Make Up

YorFit – As a Burns and Plastics trained nurse I feel and believe that we need to take good care of our skin. It is our largest organ and a very protective one. It is our mask to the world and creates well-being when it feels and looks good. With confidence we learn to be assertive! So what do women and men need to do to retain their skin at its healthiest, to the point where others notice that healthy sparkle?

Well, for starters, we need to accept the aging process which gives us laughter lines, a distinguished appearance and a look of wisdom. If we know how to maintain our skin well we can rest assured that we are doing our best. Hence I propose a list of ideas and advice, of which you may decide to follow all, or some at least.

1. Rehydrate the skin by drinking 1-2 litres of water daily. Add pure lemon slices and juice, or fresh ginger, or a little cordial. Drink it warm in winter and cold in the summer.

2. Avoid too much tea, coffee and alcohol. Plus avoid any other beverage that makes you dehydrated.

3. Take a twenty minute walk daily. This will give you more energy and help freshen your look.

4. If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, please do not be embarrassed to ask you G.P. for advice. It is surprising the amount of young adults who do suffer from skin conditions.

5. Eat sensibly. Don’t over cook vegetables, and have fresh fruit daily.

6. Supplement with multi-vitamins, vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Omega 3 and 6 daily. Please stick to the recommended daily dose as too many can have a negative effect.

7. Get plenty of sleep, and have a window open at night. Keep the curtains shut in the summer if the sun beams down on you.

8. Have 6-12 facials annually. Do not squeeze any pimples yourself or use a piece of tissue and rinse afterward if you do.

9. Prepare and cleanse your face in the morning and evening. Using high quality natural skin care products will lock the moister in throughout the day and night.

10. Avoid too much sun and tanning. We all know the implications of too much sun but people still overlay. Use a high factor sun cream whilst sun bathing, a healthy glow looks a lot better than over cooked skin.

If you use skin care products, make sure these contain natural ingredients. Check the labels and watch out for ingredients and chemicals such as bleaches, petrochemicals, colourings, lanolin or synthetic smells, these could hard the skin. Also check your make-up and beauty products for abrasives and when your sat at home have a day off from applying any make-up.

We are all our own masters, the better you look after your skin now, the better you will age. Protect your skin the natural way as products that contain harmful chemicals for a quick fix are not the way.

Most important is to keep smiling – that is the best anti-wrinkle cure in the world!

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